School of Art in Hydra

To the west of the town there is the four storey building Manor of Tobazi, which is being owned by the School of Art. The School of Art of Hydra island is near the statue of Kountouriotis.


Art Gallery and Concert "Melina Mercouri"

West of the statue of A. Miaouli, at the beginning of the beach of the harbor, is the art gallery and concert "Melina Mercouri".

Every year, especially every summer, the cultural hall "Melina Mercouri" host exhibitions and organized lectures, concerts and cultural evenings, under the auspices of the Municipality of Hydra. In the room are hosted throughout the year by well-known artists.


Places of Art in Hydra

Showroom "DESTE Foundation" inaugurated in June 2009 in the old slaughterhouses of Hydra, which granted by the municipality.

At the Manor of Sahtouris, the artist Dimitris Antonitsis organizes, for over ten years, novel thematic exhibitions. During the summer the gallery "Pauline Karpida" exhibits works from emerging artists

from around the world.