Museum of History and Archives

The Museum of History and Archives of Hydra, operates daily. There are:

A. File Department, B. Museum department and C. Library.

At the ground floor are displayed exhibits from the Balcan and first and second World Wars.

In the floor it runs a picture-gallery and are displayed heirlooms and souvenirs from the Greek Revolution.

In the Museum, it is also housed the public Library of Hydra with old and valuable books, codes and archives from 18th and 19th century


Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum

The Museum is housed to the Church of Dormition, where the old prison used to be. It is a small Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum, in which are displayed canonicals, relics, oblations and icons from the 18th century.

Among its beautiful exhibits one can admire the icon from 1774 of Virgin Mary "Unwithered Rose".


Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis - Outlier of the National Historic Museum

Inside the Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis are displayed family heirlooms, personal belongings, paintings and exhibits from the folkoric and historical collections, which belong to the National Museum of History.

In the ground floor, the visitor can see various painting from the artists Periklis and Konstantinos Byzantios.

In the floor there are exhibits of old furniture, mirrors, portraits and family heirlooms of thefamily Kountouriotis.


Manor of George Kountouriotis-After-Byzantine Art Museum

The Manor of George Kountouriotis is located to the west side of the harbour, to the bank of the hill, between the pine trees.

In 1991 the three stories tall Manor was bought from the Ministry of Culture and then it operated as a Museum.

Inside there are exhibits of family heirlooms and exhibits from the newest history of Hydra.