The island with its 300 Churches and the 6 Monasteries, along with the harmony and picturesqueness, is an ideal romantic destination for an amazing wedding reception and at the same time offers you all the necessary amenities for the success of your dream wedding.

If you plan your wedding, religious or political in Hydra, then you will live, you and your guests, unforgettable and happy moments forever etched in your life.

In Hydra you will find wedding planners and planners for all the other events, such as christenings and general events, who are responsible for booking hotels, for the adornment of the Church, the photographers, the beautician, the hairdresser and whatever else you need for a successful marriage.

For the orhtodox wedding ceremony there are Churches inside the town of Hydra, where traditional violin players accompany the couple either by horses or by feet.

Also there are picturesque small Churches next to the sea or on one of the islets near Hydra, into where the transportation is being done with traditional kaikia (small boats).

The political weddings are held to the City Council hall with panoramic port view or next to the sea at sunset in one of the traditional mansions with cake cutting and sampane on the beach.

Many couples have dreamed about their wedding ceremony in a romantic beach or inside a hotel with fantastic sea view. At Hydra there are many chic restaurants or traditional tavernas, where you can organise your wedding reception or in a romantic beach or in one of the more modern restaurants in a patio overlooking the crystal clean and crear sea.

At the wedding reception you can have fireworks and a local dance group with traditional dresses, who can teach you the steps of the dances.