Life in Hydra was diffrent from time to time, depending on sponge fishing, the main economy in the island. All the weekends where the same except from when there where main festivities, like Easter. The shops where all closed, until the end of the Church, apart from the cafes, which were servicing.

When the Monastery bells were ringing, that meant the traffic at the port was starting and the people going to the shops and at the port. There where six cafes that were open on the Sunday morning. There were mice restaurants to eat and at the start of the 1930's has opened one grocerie store. Tavernas there were plentful, many of them belonged to locals, who stayed on the island.

Tavernas were full of people just to drink ouzo and local wine. There were some hairdressers also, men mostly. Another event, apart from the Church was the comming of the boat from Pireus, with its manu tourists, people and products. Any boats, that time were doing the route from and towards the Argosaronic islands and unfortunately, many were the accidents and shipwrecks.