One of the most beautiful and most picturesque Hydra customs is the immersion of the Epitaph in the sea, on Good Friday evening, in Kamini beach.

On this particular day the Epitaph, after its walking into the district, is being immersed into the waters by people who support it for the purpose of sunctifing the waters. With this custom they believe the sailor will return fro their journey safe.

The custom was for the first time started in Kaminia during the year 1923 and since then the custom is repeated every year, according to tradition. The custom started by sponge divers of Kaminia whose sponge boats departed after the Sunday of the Holy Cross and returned close to the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

The spectacle is magnificent, spectacular and every Good Friday followed by faith and reverently by all the parishioners and many foreigners come Kamini to watch especially this custom. The procession of the Epitaph at Kaminia is being done earlier than what of the rest of the Main place, to enable visitors to see all the customs.

In the town of Hydra, after the pieta, the bells tolls. First does the big bell of the convent bells, followed by the remaining parishes of St. Barbara, the Visitation and St. Demetrius. All Epitaphs gather at the north entrance of the Holy Dormition Monastery, Square P. Kountouriotis followed the procession of Epitaphs through the cobbled streets of the town of Hydra.

The Resurrection and Easter in Hydra

The Resurrection is being done in an atmosphere full of faith by the candlelights, in all churches of the island, and ends with the traditional roasting spit.

All parishes of Hydra had the custom of burning Judas, from old times, at the eve of Easter Sunday. The competition between parishes was great and indeed, during thr Holy Week, churches gouged tray to cover the expenses for the custom.

The preparation for the construction of Judah began long before the start of the Holy Week. They made the large doll as a real man, with the correct size and dress him up with Jewish clothes. Inside the doll put straws.

The doll's left hand made straight and into a fist, except from a finger from where they hung a purse with the 30 silver coins of the betrayal.