Hydra, rich in history and traditions, is very close to Athens. Traditional, picturesque island with marvelous sandy or pebbled beaches with crystal clean waters is a must visit island.

A historical island where there is a strong reminiscence of its past and recent History and Culture. Walking down the picturesque cobblestone paves and overlooking the imposingly houses you can imagine walking down the heroic history lane of Hydra island.

Many places worth admiring, the History-file Museum, the Ecclesiastic-Byzantine Museum and the other Museums or the Mansions of the past century with its peculiar architecture and the picturesque after-Byzantine Churches.

Hydra is considered to be the omphalos "navel" of Argosaronikos. So you can from Hydra island to organise one day or two-day excursions at Poros, Spetses, Hermioni or Porto Xeli; These islands are 30 or 40 minutes away from Hydra island by flying dolphins or by your car from Metochi.

Another importand reason for you to come to our island is for visiting the Monasteries and many Churches: architectural and historical monuments with many historical relics in them, apart from its theological significance.

Hydra combines the small distance from Athens with marvelous vacations, full of activities and alternative types of tourism, which offers to its visitors.

Sailing, trailing, trekking, sea sports and games, scuba diving and fishing, small excurisons, romantic walks to the sunset, are some of the activities which you wil meet to our island.

Hydra is one of the most ideal island for family tourism, its lack of vehicles or wheels and the closed organised beaches with shallow waters making the island safe. Parents can feel safe about their kids and enjoy, apart from the activites, the relaxation of the vacation along with their children.

The island with its 300 Churches and the 6 Monasteries, along with the harmony and picturesqueness, is an ideal romantic destination for an amazing wedding reception and at the same time offers you all the necessary amenities for the success of your dream wedding.

The last years there is an increasing in the events that are being done in Hydra, not only from business companies, but also weddings, christenings and others ... in beautiful places, next to the sea.

Hydra is offering for religious tourism with epicenter its old monasteries and the manu Churches. It's an unforgettable experience to be a part of a Church's celebration or litany of the Saint;s image.

Because the island is only a breath away from the marinas of Athens (30 nautical miles), is easy for someone to come here with a small boat and exlore it. The island is also ideal for sea tourism.

Hydra is "paradise" for the people of the art and visual arts, as many of them come each year to the island, greeks and foreigns, to exhibit their arts or to watch the many galleries.

Hydra island helds each year many seminars or conferences, since the businessmen can combine business with short vacations, in one of the most close destinations from Athens.

In Hydra you can find accommodation for all budgets, traditional tavernas on the sea, fun or relaxed vacations, depending each visitors wants.