In the beginning of the 15th century, Hydra was inhabited by a few shepherd families. From 1460, Orthodox Arvanites refugees, who fought to the side of the Venetians against the Turks, came to the island and became fishermen. It is the time that the building spree starts in Hydra and the first town in the hill of the place Kiafa is created.

Because of the hostile climate in greek cities in conjunction with the pirates in Mediterranean, immigration becomes more intensive.

Greek families immigrate to Hydra. Some of them were the Lazarou and Zerba family (from Hiperus), Mitarou family, Nega family, Gini family and Gouma family (from the island of Kythnos), Tompazi family (from Smirni), Tsamados family (from Kranidi), Oikonomou family (from Epidauros). More immigrants are coming to the small island of Hydra during the 18th century.

That period we had the Venetian - Turk War and the Russian - Tyerk war. That's why in the start of the Greek revolution the island of Hydra had a population of 27.000 people. That had got positive results, especially in sea commerce and in shipping.

To the end of the 18th century Hydra became a great nautical power with 150 ships. The island is in its peak until this period.