The uniqueness of Hydra lies to the combination of the cosmopolitan life with its natural environment and the rich tradition. Perfect for those keen on walking and exploring nature; given its mild climate, walking is a joy all year round. With diverse degrees of difficulty, the paths presented here should satisfy even the most discriminate adventurer. You can stroll the paths easily and at your own pace.

Hydra has more than 80 km. trails that stretch across the island. The four most important routes that define respective paths will satisfy every visitor during each route who will be thrilled as the ecosystem of Hydra is worthwhile with various species in flora and fauna.

The walker on the east side of the island to the lighthouse of Zourva, crosses a rigid stone landscape, while on the west side, toward Bisti, the walker enjoys one pine wooded path. In the center of the island rises the highest mountain "Eros" which to its south side "collapses" 600 m. below the sea, offering an imposing spectacle.

The surrounding sea is visible from all the routes, offering to the eye an amazing and colourful pallette of beauty. The paths can be done without a guide and the wooden signs will lead you to the various sightseeings.