From 1970 and onwards, Hydra is organised touristically by acquiring very good infrastructure. Many mansions have been renovated and transformed into traditional hotels keeping their historical form and their details. The same thing happened and with many houses that transformed into frendly and family guest houses.

Time by time Hydra became a popular destination, not only for romantic vacations but also a place for business meetings and seminars, that combine pleasure with business.

Long before the end of the last century, the Nautical Club of Hydra began to organize twice a year, in autumn and spring, world-class sailing races, resulting in the island swarmed by hundreds of tourists and yachts with colorful sails.

The last two years Hydra hosts distinguished Greek and foreign athletes and also others who want to participate in a sporting weekend with trailing, which provides athletes and attendees a unique experience and very intensive action.

For many years Greeks and foreigners find in Hydra the perfect romantic destination to celebrate their weddings since Hydra have taken care to provide all the necessary amenities for the preparation of the wedding ceremony.

Hydra remains a popular gathering center of Artists and "produces" its own painters and writers like Panagiotis Tetsis, which is the greatest living painter of modern Greece, who was born and still continue living here.

Apart from the Museums, where you can relive the glorious history of the island, in the recent past had been established the School of Fine Arts, which encourages young artists to produce their own arts.

In 1983 Dakis Ioannou founded DESTE, a cultural foundation of modern art, which, since 2009, houses projects of several new artists.

From then until today Hydra managed to maintain all the traditional elements from its glorious past, along with a renewed and romantic aura that perpertrates the island.