Showroom "DESTE Foundation" inaugurated in June 2009 in the old slaughterhouses of Hydra, which granted by the municipality. At the Manor of Sahtouris, the artist Dimitris Antonitsis organizes, for over ten years, novel thematic exhibitions.

During the summer the gallery "Pauline Karpida" exhibits works from emerging artists from around the world. ,To the small port of Kamimia, to the house of Miaoulis, the "red house", have been exhibitions each year, the summer.

Hydra hosts every year, very significant exhibitions. An initiative of the collector Pauline Karpida in "HydraWorkshop", which is in its 16th year of operation, an initiative of artist Dimitri Antonitsis in "Hydra School Project", which operates in the old high school to the Mansion Sahtouris, for 13 years, an initiative of the collector Dakis Ioannou to the newest Project Space of Deste Foundation.

These spaces, along with the Museum of Hydra, but occasionally with some abandoned places at Kamini, the nearby picturesque harbor offer important options of artistic events.